-Marble Equatorial Circ.
- Butterfly [2 base types]
-Inox Square Equatorial
-Marble Equatorial Rect.
-Polar Nautilos
-Cross [2 types]
-Circular Band
-Vincenzo Tinos

-A few words...

Andreas Galanakis was born in Piraeus
He attented economic studies in Thessalonica
during 1974-1978
For the period of 1979-1989 he worked as a settings constructor for the German and Greek television
In 1985 he starts making objects as well as the first sculptures with aluminium material
He lives and works in Faliron and is an active member of the Greek Chamber of Arts
For the past few years he is being working on sculptured sundials


1986 he was honoured in the 1st competition of furniture design in Thessalonica
1987 group exhibition of E.O.MM.E.H. in Thessalonica
1988 group exhibition of E.O.MM.E.H. in Volos
1989 attends the international exhibition of Frankfurt
1991 construction of 300 numbered sculptures with subject "shell an object of the sand" for the Greek Parliament
1992 individual exhibition with the aegis of Aluminium of Greece in Athens 1992 individual exhibition with the aegis of Aluminium of Greece in Livadea
1997 individual exhibition at the Cherry Gallery in Athens
1998 group exhibition with the aegis of LEVIS at the Pieride Gallery
1999 construction of embossed medal for the Economic University of Athens (Hermes head)
2000 gold cross constructed for Mr Bartholomeu, patriarch of Konstantinoupoli,
on his award as an honorary doctor of Economic University of Athens
2001 group exhibition at Technopoles of Gazi in ATHENS (5th Hellenic congress of Aluminium)
2001 group exhibition in Ioannina
2002 group exhibition at the Zolota Gallery in Athens
2002 individual exhibition in Syra
2004 individual exhibition at the Palace of Dukes of Plakentia in Penteli
2004 construction of an artefact at the beach of Faliron with the subject "Faliros (Mythological Hero), the founder of Faliro"
2007 individual exhibition of 11 Sundials, at the beach of Palaio Faliro, with the aegis of the municipality of Palaio Faliro


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"When somebody breaks a plate in its dance is like braking its world"
GO XANIA (2004)